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Home Healthcare Case Management

What is it? Why is it Important?

Home Healthcare case management is a key healthcare element. Healthcare case management focuses on high-quality care and patient-centered decision-making, while supporting responsible and prudent use of healthcare dollars.

While different approaches to healthcare are being discussed and evaluated at local, state and federal levels – at its core, case management provides a cooperative effort between an individual, their family, their health care providers, potential third party payers including insurance companies, and a professional case manager. Healthcare case management includes planning, health assessment, coordination of care, and advocacy to meet all healthcare needs.

Healthcare Case Management Services

  • Ensures A Care Plan Is In Place
  • Establishes And Maintain Regular Contact
  • Serves As A Liaison
  • Source of Practical Assistance
  • Coordinates Necessary Services and Community Resources
  • Supervises Transition To Another Care Setting
  • Provides Focus On Home Care Activities On Self-Determination

Paying for Home Healthcare Case Management

Case management services are frequently subsidized through a plethora of sources, including:

  1. Employer sponsored insurance
  2. Medicaid, including option that allow for non-medical services
  3. Social service providers (e.g., child welfare agencies)
  4. Medicare and supplemental security income for disabled clients
  5. Private foundations and funds, such as United Way
  6. Private pay – fees billed directly to the individual who is using case management services

Better Results

Lansing’s DRM Genesis Home Health Care Providers afford individuals the freedom to maintain their independence without the hassles of managing their appointments or health care needs. They handle a patient’s scheduling needs and ensure they keep their medical appointments, take their medications and receive all the care services your physician has ordered.

No matter the venue, successful home care case management requires effective, timely, and ongoing communication among all parties, and a thorough knowledge of available community resources. It works to ensure better results so that the individual and family has the necessary information to make the choices best for them.

For more information about the availability of in-home case management and how it can best work for you or a loved one contact DRM Genesis at 517-882-3544.

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